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How Sales Teams Can Break from the Insanity 

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Why Sales Teams Get Stuck & What You can Do About It:

Albert Einstein is known for saying insanity is doing the same thing but expecting a different result. So, why are we doing the same things we tried last year that didn’t deliver?

Sales teams can be resistant to change for a variety of reasons, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. When you understand the mental roadblocks to change, it can help bring clarity to the bigger reasons to make change.

What Holds Sales Teams Back?


Many sales leaders simply don’t understand there are better options out there. We get it; there are so many new things to consider that sometimes you just don’t have the bandwidth, time, and energy to sort through the noise. However, when you find something that reduces average handle time and research times (and subsequent hold times too!)while increasing speed and accuracy, you go for it! Anything that allows you to have more sales conversations with increased confidence, means more sales over time.

Licensed Agents are one of the highest billable minutes in sales business, containing the cost while improving sales performance should be the goal of all sales teams.


Is this new strategy going to actually produce results? We often go into new things with a certain level of “try” mentality. The new route has to prove itself and if you’ve ever had anything not work out and end up proving itself unworthy, then you probably approach any new strategy with skepticism.

Healthy skepticism is good when evaluating a potential partner and solutions. If they can prove their goals align with your goals and the price is right and they can guarantee to deliver, you can’t afford not to try something new.

It’s not only benefits that wins the race for sales! When competition is fierce, and benefit parity is narrow, it comes down to service as the differentiator. If a system can reduce handle time, increase accuracy and confidence, and allow the agent to focus on excellent service rather than process. The solution is certain to increase sales and save time which equates to cost.
Don’t let too much skepticism hold you back from trying new things.

Ramp Up Time

Speed to proficiency is the name of the game in change management. Systems should be easy to implement and easy to use, so adoption can occur.

If you’re going to do something right in your sales org, you need to allow the right amount of time to ramp up, train, and get people on board with the new approach. Sometimes you’ve missed the 8-ball for the moment you’re in. But the best thing you can do is learn from what’s not working currently and make a plan to implement as soon as you can so that you’re prepared for your next big deadline or milestone.

The People Element

Let’s face it: working with people who operate and think differently can be a challenge. That means any variety of reasons for resistance from anyone on your team, whether in leadership or not. People can make things complicated. It’s reality and it’s something we all face even with the best of tools and strategies. Sometimes getting through all the people to get something going can be the challenge.

There are a million reasons why our sales teams can get stuck doing something that’s outdated and irrelevant. We see it daily when we’re talking to sales teams. They don’t understand the amazing potential that sits in front of them. OR, they do understand it, but the process to move the rest of the team with them is the challenge.

Don’t keep waiting for the “next best thing”, you can’t afford to keep doing what you’ve done in the past. If you didn’t hit your numbers this past year, or you barely scraped by, there’s a lot you can do now to set yourself up for success for the next year. You don’t have to put up with mediocre results.

What Should You Do Instead?

Retire your processes that use a Plan Tool, a Summary of Benefits, and an Evidence of Coverage that support comparing one plan at a time with multiple clicks and CTRL+F for research. These only contribute to research fatigue, frustration, unsuitable plan matches, objections, lower performance, and increased complaints and employee turnover.

Instead, there's a way to increase sales performance and reduce costs and complaints, while maintaining budget-parity year over year.

All with the help of AI.

SalesSense, our newest plan comparison tool delivers on improving your team's performance metrics while taking the headache out for everyone involved.

Provide prospective members and employees with a more efficient, engaging, and consistent experience with:

  • Increased conversion rates

  • Reduced average handle time (AHT)

  • Reduced research time (hold time and consumer confidence killer)

  • Significantly improved sales and research process (seconds, not minutes)

  • Increased savings on reduced staffing needed to achieve KPI’s

  • Improved speed-to-proficiency

  • Increased representative productivity and confidence

  • Improved CSAT and Consumer Experience

  • Far less turnover from burnout/frustration

  • Free up your supervisors to coach, rather than support Q&A

Empower your reps to deliver this year by trying something new and gaining the competitive edge that you’ve been searching for! Our solutions are tried, true, tested, and proven to deliver increased performance at reduced costs! 

Be the instrument of positive change today and help us on our journey to revolutionize the industry for the better!

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