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Clear the Clouds of Complexity Around Health Insurance

AI Fueling Healthcare Engagement and Well-being

Our verified solutions support over tens of millions of lives and our clients include Fortune 50 Market Leaders. Sensentia is revolutionizing the consumer and member experience by combining AI and innovative solution design. Our products are engineered to create transparency and efficiency, while improving overall performance.

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Up to 3x

Performance Gains

Verifiable increase in performance, speed to proficiency, elevated representative expertise, and thorough support in an instant.


Cost Savings

Significant reduction in handle time and staffing needs through increased representative productivity and maximized efficiency.


Response Accuracy

Response inquiry precision and comprehensiveness to the point of legal liability. Our responses are always grounded, being tied to member contracts for auditability.

Your One-stop Shop for Omnichannel Solutions

Our solutions integrate with any CRM and deploy through multiple channels to engage your consumers or members.

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Exceed Targets at Reduced Costs for Sales Teams

Our innovative AI-fueled sales solutions significantly improve the shopping experience. We transform how prospective members shop and choose their ideal health plan.

Our benefit engine and customized interface design enables sales teams to deliver a seamless, optimized, and engaging shopping experience across all channels—whether selling in a contact center, on a website, or in the field.

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Service team

Exceed KPIs at Reduced Costs for Member Service Teams

Our suite of AI-fueled benefit solutions greatly enhance the member experience, optimizing service delivery and boosting key metrics, including AHT, CSAT, NPS, first call resolution, representative productivity and onboarding.

The customized interface of our benefit engine ensures a seamless and engaging service experience for members and providers regardless of their entry channels.

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Get Ahead of the Curve: Achieve Compliance with Transparency In Coverage Rules

Our system ingests and calculates rates into an easy-to-navigate member portal and benefit comparison tool that’s grounded in member contracts, where costs are calculated rather than estimated and thus are indisputably accurate.

Consumers utilize our tools to research their cost-sharing responsibility across providers and locations. They can choose where to receive services at the lowest out-of-pocket cost. The results are full Transparency In Coverage Phase II and III compliance, better-informed members, and cost savings for carriers and members alike.

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Enhanced Performance and Efficiency with Cost Savings for Carriers and TPAs

Sensentia's innovative solutions bolster productivity and reduce costs across a wide range of service and sales interactions provided by Carriers and Third-Party Administrators.

We provide solutions for Transparency in Coverage Mandates, Sales Teams, Service Teams, and many other departments that require intelligent plan/benefit data to provide improved services. Our benefit information is so accurate that we are trusted partners engaged to create Benefit Master Lists (BMLs) for our Carrier clients that use them as a source of truth for downline systems and processes.

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Sensentia AI Tools Deliver Accuracy, Comprehensiveness, and Accountability

Our benefit tools are powered by our proprietary artificial intelligence guaranteeing immediate, legally accurate and comprehensive responses different from other approaches in the industry. Responses are directly tied to member contracts for all selected plans, ensuring full accuracy and reliability.

Members, CSRs, agents, and other users are usually not familiar with clinical and claims terminology, making it difficult to derive correct answers without natural language support. Sensentia’s systems reason and present information intuitively while supporting natural language, synonyms, and intent recognition during the query process.

Take a look at how Sensentia's innovative technology works when applied to a member portal.

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Equip Your Team and Wow Your Customers

Q&A support
Keep your team happy

Provide immediate Q&A support to increase employee productivity and engagement while reducing panic, frustration, and turnover. No more combing through EOC docs or taking back-to-back calls with little hope of resolving customer concerns.

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Train your CSRs and agents fast

Getting reps trained on Sensentia requires hours rather than weeks, boosting speed to proficiency and
positively impacting performance when scaling centers.

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Make “buyer’s remorse” a rarity

Our system enables quick and easy multi-plan comparisons and compliant sales presentations, covering the benefits that matter. Buyers can be confident in their choices and experience less confusion.

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Improve first call resolution rates

Sensentia provides the answers your CSRs need to address customer inquiries quickly, confidently, and eliminates the need for repeat calls.

Streamlined interface with an ingenious design

Our health plan benefit software is crafted to display the necessary information tailored to the role of the user. Our UIs are customized to support efficiency, performance, and effectiveness, with easy-to-navigate layouts increasing speed to proficiency and ease-of-use.


Information layout

Our information layout supplies users with the exact amount of information at the right time, in the right order, for ease of use and understanding. Comprehensive information is just a click away.


Smart features

Fully supported functionality allows for quick and efficient searches with legal liability accuracy.


Easy integration 

Easily integrate Sensentia tools with your existing CRM and applications. 

The ultimate source of truth at your fingertips

Save time and money by retiring the need for manual research within SBs, EOCs, and Master Benefit Lists. Sensentia delivers comprehensive benefit details to the forefront instantaneously for easy and convenient reference, which includes many of the calculations necessary for full service.


Comprehensive coverage details

Easily verify detailed procedure-level coverage details such as conditions, limits, inclusions, exclusions, and notes alongside copays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums with a quick glance.


Tailored benefit views

View all plan-specific benefits based on the state, county, plan type, provider, place of service, and more.


Subsidy adjustments

Select the appropriate subsidy level and watch the benefit information update instantly.

Additional Sensentia Benefits

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Reduced CTM and grievance rates

Sensentia reduces CTM and grievance rates by putting clear and accurate information at their fingertips. No more guesswork and inconsistency of response.

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Enhanced agent and rep expertise

Sensentia enhances agent and rep expertise by providing quick access to an indisputable source of truth tailored to their specific job duties.

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Reduced turnover rates

Sensentia sets employees up for success and reduces turnover rates through technological innovations that are user-friendly, streamlined, and painstakingly accurate.

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Improved speed to proficiency

Employee training on Sensentia solutions is done in hours—or even days—instead of weeks or months.

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Enriched consumer experience

Due to enhanced information access, consumers receive top-notch member service and are empowered to shop with confidence.

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Reduced system response time

Sensentia boasts a lightning-fast answer resolution time, especially as compared to benefit libraries.


How do I improve sales performance?

Our SalesSense solution delivers an optimized shopping experience that provides agents and prospective members support through the entire sales process. For sales teams, it will deliver increased overall sales as well as improved conversion rates on a “call to sale” or “lead to sale” basis, reduced handle time, complaints, and turnover. It increases agent productivity requiring less staffing to service the same volume of leads or calls YoY.

The lower staffing requirements and reduced handle time from increased productivity leads to savings customers often use to pay for the solution and maintain budget parity.

How do I improve Customer Service KPI's?

Our ServiceSense solution delivers an optimized consumer experience that provides members or representatives with the support they need to receive or provide excellent service. For service teams it will provide increased CSAT, NPS, accuracy and consistency of answers, first call resolution, and representative productivity, while significantly reducing handle time requiring less staff to service the same volume of calls YoY.

Customers often use the savings from increased productivity requiring less staffing, and reduced handle time to pay for the solution and maintain budget parity.

How do I improve employee engagement and reduce turnover?

Employees often leave a position due to lack of support or disparate processes that cause frustration. Our solutions provide support through the entire sales or service process, ensuring answers to even complex questions are at employees' fingertips. By improving employee engagement, we avoid frustration, stress, burnout, and management escalations, all of which lowers handling time and raises consumer confidence. Our system empowers employees as experts and frees up management to provide sales or service stylistic coaching rather than answering numerous plan/benefit questions all day.

How do I improve Star Ratings or ratings in general?

Our innovative solutions improve the level of service, efficiency, and performance to a large degree for sales and service teams. Our solutions take the burden off companies to improve their sales, retention, or service team performance, freeing up resources and investment for other segments.

Customers respond positively when they are provided excellent service supporting them with informed decision making.

How do I remove inconsistencies between sales and service segments?

Sensentia’s solutions, when deployed across both teams, use the same AI-fueled benefit engine and source data to ensure sales conversations are supported in member conversations.

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