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Equip CSRs to Exceed KPIs and Deliver a World-class Customer Service Experience

ServiceSense’s AI-powered software enables service-focused teams to quickly and efficiently find the benefit information they need to wow members. All plan information is logically organized on a user-friendly interface, presented in plain language, backed by member contracts, and accurate to the point of legal liability. 

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Reduce Handle Time Expenses

Improve CSAT, NPS, and Consumer Experience

Improve Representative Productivity and Engagement

Proven performance metrics for ServiceSense


Reduced average handle time


Increased savings on reduced staffing


Improved first call resolution


Improved response accuracy


Increased speed to CSR proficiency


Increased representative productivity

Boost Member Service Excellence Through Enhanced Information Access

Set up your CSRs for success with a system that provides quick access to accurate plan information on a minimalist interface. ServiceSense is compatible with top industry CRMs and is available through various channels for your convenience. 

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Find Plan Benefits with Minimal Navigation and No Digging

Digging through EOC documents and utilizing inefficient systems wastes time, frustrates reps, angers members, lengthens calls, and reduces overall performance. ServiceSense alleviates all of these problems and more. 

The software enables your reps to find an answer in seconds rather than minutes, hours, or days. Here’s how it works:

Type in a query in as few as three characters. 

Select proper location or modifier and view high level costs with summary information.

With a simple click view comprehensive information.

View includes all relevant information to service client.

Empower Representatives to Serve Members with Confidence and Precision

ServiceSense provides easy-to-access benefit details and support to representatives, enabling them to confidently execute customer inquiries and requests. The result is increased first-call resolution rates, reduced turnover, shorter call times, reduced grievances, and much more. 

Instantly verify deductibles, copays, inclusions, exclusions, and more at a glance.

Compare up to 3 plans side by side to easily pinpoint plan differences. 

Provide your members with access to care and piece of mind.

Meet Customer Demand and Surpass KPI Targets with Fewer Representatives

Having access to Sensentia as an ultimate source of truth, means increased representative productivity. The software enables teams to wow members, enabling them to provide consistent, accurate information in less time.

Train reps to full proficiency in hours instead of days or weeks. 

Straightforward, fast answers mean customers get help quicker and without a struggle. 

Increase call capacity per representative.  

View Comprehensive Benefit Information in a Simplified Form

From deductibles and copays to prescription drug coverage and subsidies, ServiceSense displays all member benefit information on a streamlined interface. It was meticulously designed to draw attention to the answers. 

No unnecessary information. 

Benefits are presented in a clear and methodical order.

Ease of eye strain and research fatigue.

Calculate your ROI

Estimated current cost for handling benefits related calls


How We Help You Reduce Costs

Call Length Benefits

Estimated future cost for handling benefits related calls at reduced AHT:


Estimated savings:


First Call Resolution Benefits

Estimated future cost for handling benefits calls with increased FCR:


Estimated savings:


Call Volume Reduction from Self Service Benefits

Estimated future cost for handling benefits calls with self-service option:


Estimated savings:


Total estimated savings:

Additional ServiceSense Features

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Customizable interface

ServiceSense is tailored to your current workflow, minimizing change management requirements and ensuring painless adoption.

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Reliable accuracy

Rely on ServiceSense for legally sound, fully auditable answers you can trust. 

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Natural language and synonym logic

ServiceSense understands both clinical and natural language. The ability to use formal and informal search terms enhances the benefit search experience. 

Faster training

ServiceSense is so easy to use that reps need minimal training to become fully proficient.

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Real-time subsidy adjustments

Use a convenient dropdown menu to select a member’s subsidy level and watch benefit information update immediately.

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Easy Integration

Our Solutions can be integrated into your CRM to ease change management.

Compare Plans

Easily compare up to three plans if member is dissatisfied and desires a plan change.

Considers all accumulators

Our system is designed to consider deductible, MOOP status calculated in responses.


How can I reduce costs while improving service?

Traditional CS Team processes involve representatives using a summary of benefits (SB), and an evidence of coverage (EOC) or master benefits list (MBL) to support benefit questions. Often these documents contain clinical and claims language, and representatives must use CTRL+F to match cases requiring elevated clinical or claims language knowledge in order to find suitable answers. This process is slow, cumbersome, and leads to research fatigue and low member confidence due to hold times, supervisor escalations, and less than confident answers. Research during service interactions can add as much as 10+ minutes to a call.

ServiceSense provides the ultimate source of truth with answers to any plan, benefit, coverage, or cost question provided instantaneously. If reps cost $20 an hour, that equates to 33 cents a minute. Saving even 3 minutes off the aggregate of calls adds up to large sums very quickly. This not only equates to savings, but also increases representative productivity, so less staffing is needed YoY to service the same volume.

Increased speed and accuracy of response, coupled with handling time and staffing savings allows you to increase performance at reduced costs.

How can I increase employee engagement, satisfaction, and turnover?

Employees often leave a position due to lack of support or disparate processes that cause frustration. Our solutions provide support through the service process, ensuring answers to even complex questions are at the employee’s fingertips. By improving employee engagement, we avoid frustration, stress, burnout, and management escalations, which increase handling time and lower consumer confidence. Our system empowers employees as experts and frees up management to provide stylistic coaching rather than answering numerous plan/benefit questions all day.

Happy, supported, and engaged employees will confidently exceed KPIs and feel connected to improving your service, which improves dysfunctional loss.

Budgets are tight, how do I pay for the system?

Sensentia's solutions are designed to increase efficiency and remove waste. Many companies are able to pay for the system with the savings on reduced handling time and reduced staffing as productivity increases. We frequently help companies improve performance significantly, while keeping within budget.

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