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About Sensentia

Our proprietary AI-powered process of collecting and processing plan and coverage data from often unstructured sources and formats, such as PDFs, allows us to create a centralized repository optimized for seamless searching.

We bridge the gap between industry jargon and plain language to reduce errors, frustration, and anxiety. As a result, we allow members, providers, and payers to easily compare benefits, costs, and plan details, regardless of their background or technical expertise.

More efficient access to clear and accurate information brings unprecedented efficiencies and increased performance. This expanded performance capability supports the sales, service, and decision-making process at every stage, ultimately leading to better healthcare outcomes.

About Sensentia

Our mission is to help people fully understand their health insurance coverage, as well as medical costs, by providing systems that improve accuracy, transparency, efficiency, and service.

Our values

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We use technology to create solutions that empower people to make the right choices about their healthcare.


We deeply understand the challenges of healthcare members, providers and payors, and leverage that insight to create much needed solutions that allow them to perform natural language searches and access accurate information quickly and efficiently.

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We believe people deserve access to healthcare coverage data that is transparent and easy to understand.

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We don’t settle for “good enough”. We’re committed to always pushing beyond existing boundaries in order to deliver new and better products and experiences.

Our executive team

Sensentia's success is built on the talent, dedication, and diversity of our team’s experience. We bring together professionals with a wide range of expertise and backgrounds, united by a shared passion for innovation and excellence. Our team’s collaborative spirit and commitment to improving the consumer journey ensure that we deliver the best healthcare outcomes and choices for our clients.

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Jan Jungclaus

Co-founder & CEO

Ronen Amit
Ronen Amit

Software Development Lead

Ewald Detjens
Ewald Detjens

Head of Knowledge Engineering

Randy Kuehntopp
Randy Kuehntopp

Vice President of Program Management

Paul E. Maxwell
Paul E. Maxwell

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Nick Farmer

Vice President of Engineering

Wende Frost
Wende Frost

Head of AI

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