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Carrier Solutions – AI Empowered Performance Gains at Reduced Costs

We offer a full suite of solutions for Carriers and TPAs looking to improve performance for Sales and Service Teams or comply with the Transparency in Coverage Rules.

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Increase performance

Reduce costs

Improve ratings

These are some metrics related to this specific solution

Up to 3x

Increased performance for sales & service teams.


Cost reduction for reduced handle time and staffing.


Enhanced employee productivity from reduced handle time and increased support.


Compliant with Phase II & III Transparency in Coverage Mandates, and all solutions are fully compliant.


Improvement in speed to proficiency, employees can be trained in hours.


Response to inquiry is precise to the point of legal lability, grounded and tied to member contracts.

Your one-stop shop for omni-channel solutions

Our solutions can be deployed through multiple mediums to serve your consumers or members, and easily integrated with most major CRMs.

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Sales Team Solution –AI Enabled Plan Comparison Tool

Our sales tool was designed by sales agents, for sales agents, with everything needed to make a sale in one place. Enabled by our AI benefit engine, the system provides the ultimate level of support throughout the sales process, increasing performance at reduced costs.

Close more sales.

Increase consumer satisfaction.

Reduce CTMs, grievances, and overall complaints.

Service Teams Solutions

Our AI-powered benefit engine enables the ultimate in CSR service by compiling all plan, benefit, coverage, and cost information, including procedure code support (HCPCS, CPT, J-Code) in one place with an easy to navigate UI. As a result, teams can deliver excellent service and increase employee engagement while reducing costs for handling time and staffing.

Reduce costs from handle time and research.

Improve CSAT, NPS, and Consumer Experience.

Improve Star Ratings and Retention.

Conversational Member Self-Service

Harness the power of AI with accuracy and give your members an engaging 24/7 conversational experience while deflecting calls to your service center.

Significant call deflection.

Improve overall member engagement by allowing them to seek service 24/7.

Expedient human connect with record of conversation.

Transparency In Coverage Solution

Our Transparency in Coverage solution fully complies with Phases II and III of the CMS Transparency in Coverage Final Rules. The solution provides price comparison allowing individuals to receive estimates of their cost-sharing responsibilities for any particular item or service from a specific provider or set of providers.

Ensure full compliance with Phase II & III of CMS Mandates.

Consumer portal deployment allows members to explore the lowest cost options.

Consider all accumulators (deductibles, MOOP, etc.) when determining costs.

Carrier Solutions Tool Features

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AI-fueled Benefit Engine

Every solution is powered by our AI benefit engine, increasing the speed and accuracy of response and employee productivity.

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Customized UI

Each UI was customized by SMEs to create increased efficiency and performance for the role.

True employee support

Our solution fully supports employees in their roles, freeing up management to truly coach on soft skills rather than handling supervisor escalations.

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Decreased turnover

Employees have systems and tools that support their roles, improving employee satisfaction.

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Reduced Costs

Employee productivity is increased, requiring fewer employees to service the same number of calls, and each call is handled expertly in reduced time. Our solutions are often paid for in handle time savings alone.

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Increased Compliance and Accuracy

Our system supplies legal liability accuracy when responding, and answers that are grounded in member contracts which are fully auditable.

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Peace of Mind

When employees can service clients and members expertly and efficiently, management is free to pursue other areas, knowing that compliance and expert service are at the forefront for their team. If issues arise, they are fully backed with auditability.

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Our systems seamlessly integrate with existing CRMs, simplifying change management. Additionally, we are proud to partner with Genesys and Salesforce.


How do I improve sales performance?

Our SalesSense solution delivers an optimized shopping experience that provides agents and prospective members support through the entire sales process. For sales teams, it will deliver increased overall sales as well as improved conversion rates on a “call to sale” or “lead to sale” basis, reduced handle time, complaints, and turnover. It increases agent productivity, requiring less staffing to service the same volume of leads or calls YoY.

The lower staffing requirements and reduced handle time from increased productivity leads to savings customers often use to pay for the solution and maintain budget parity.

How do I improve Customer Service KPIs?

Our ServiceSense solution delivers an optimized consumer experience that provides members or representatives with the support they need to receive or provide excellent service. For service teams it will provide increased CSAT, NPS, accuracy and consistency of answers, first call resolution, and representative productivity, while significantly reducing handle time requiring less staff to service the same volume of calls YoY.

Customers often use the savings from increased productivity requiring less staffing, and reduced handle time to pay for the solution and maintain budget parity.

How do I improve employee engagement and reduce turnover?

Employees often leave a position due to lack of support or disparate processes that cause frustration. Our solutions provide support through the entire sales or service process, ensuring answers to even complex questions are at employees' fingertips. By improving employee engagement, we avoid frustration, stress, burnout, and management escalations, all of which lowers handling time and raises consumer confidence. Our system empowers employees as experts and frees up management to provide sales or service stylistic coaching rather than answering numerous plan/benefit questions all day.

How do I improve Star Ratings or ratings in general?

Our innovative solutions improve the level of service, efficiency, and performance to a large degree for sales and service teams. Our solutions take the burden off companies to improve their sales, retention, or service team performance, freeing up resources and investment for other segments.

Customers respond positively when they are provided excellent service supporting them with informed decision making.

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