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Are You Stuck in the Past?

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The Old Way of Selling Doesn't Work…

Let’s be real here. There’s a lot about the traditional methods of selling plans that is clunky, inefficient, and often full of errors. If your team is relying on a “CTRL + F” approach to piece-mealing information together, your team is operating off of outdated techniques. At the same time, if you are struggling to meet your sales goals, you simply can’t afford to keep doing these old, outdated tactics.


It may seem like nothing, but you can actually waste a lot of seconds and minutes that build up into hours and days by manually opening and comparing plans. Not only that, but the training involved in this manual approach can be a huge time drain. You simply can’t afford this precious time when your sales goals are on the line.

Margin of Error

Us humans are amazing creatures, but accuracy is not always our strong suit. You can have the best plan training in the world and your people will still miss things. And of course, we account for this. We expect a certain level of inaccuracy. But, if there was a better way that could eliminate those inaccuracies, wouldn’t you want to leverage it?


One of the big pain points for call centers is the need to scale up and down throughout the year. If you’re leading up a team in any way, you know you’re being asked regularly to estimate the right number of staff you need at any given point in the year. It’s a challenge, plain and simple. The traditional methods of health plan sales are highly reliant on this approach of scaling up staff.

But what if there was a way to increase sales performance, while reducing costs and complaints? What if there was a way to maintain budget parity year over year? What if there was a way to shorten your call times and increase your key KPI metrics?

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), we’re seeing amazing new ways to approach health insurance plan sales.

SalesSense delivers on improving your team's performance metrics while streamlining the process for everyone, from the call center to the plan user. Everyone is happier! With it, you can prospective members and employees with a more efficient, engaging, and consistent experience with:

  • Reduced average handle time (AHT)

  • Reduced research time (hold time and consumer confidence killer)

  • Significantly improved sales and research process (seconds, not minutes)

  • Increased savings on reduced staffing needed to achieve KPI’s

  • Improved speed-to-proficiency

  • Increased representative productivity and confidence

  • Improved CSAT and Consumer Experience

  • Far less turnover from burnout/frustration

  • Free up your supervisors to coach, rather than support Q&A

Not everything from the past is bad, but when you pair it with SaleSense, you find an unbeatable combination that is nothing short of innovation for the world of healthcare insurance! 

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