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Is Your Customer Service Team Ready for January 1? 

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Faster, More Efficient Service Calls Aren’t Just a Dream!

The Problem: Massive influx of service calls your team may not be prepared to manage.

The Solution: ServiceSense

The rumblings are all off in the distance. Right now, call centers are all focused on hitting sales targets, but as soon as the new year hits, this shift quickly moves to servicing these new customers. There’s a huge influx about to hit. We know it’s about to hit and we’re all doing our best to be prepared. It’s the calm before the storm!

But, we also all know this is THE time to be preparing our customer service reps to handle the huge influx of service calls coming and impacts to retention rates and ratings can occur if they’re not proficient enough. Smart leaders are planning now.

The traditional approach:

You could staff way up. You could invest in extensive trainings. Any of these are extremely expensive, cumbersome, and frankly won’t move the needle for your upcoming year.

Instead, you could invest in ServiceSense, and not just make January’s influx a success, but your entire year.

With ServiceSense by Sensentia, you can actually handle 30% more calls without staffing up! You heard that right.

AND, your reps can get answers up to 99% faster.

ServiceSense enables health plans to provide members with a more efficient, engaging, and consistent experience with:

  • Reduced average handle time (AHT)

  • Increased savings on staffing needed to achieve KPI’s

  • Improved speed to proficiency

  • Increased representative productivity and confidence

  • Improved CSAT and Consumer Experience

  • Improved first call resolution rates

  • Far less turnover from burnout/frustration

Empower your reps to get answers fast and simple with the power of ServiceSense. Want to take it for a spin? Request a demo and see how your contact center can excel this year!

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