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Still Using CTRL F to Find Answers?

Did you know that many customer service representatives search between 10+ different windows, trying to find the right answer to a benefit question when they’re on the phone with a member?

What the "F"?

Using “CTRL + F” to search through multiple documents to answer benefit-related inquiries isn’t just annoying and inefficient for CSRs – it also creates a fragmented, frustrating support experience for members. That can lead to lower Star Ratings and HEDIS scores, which cost health plans money and contribute to lower morale in your contact center.

Sensentia’s proprietary AI solution puts the answers contact center reps need right at their fingertips in natural language format, so your reps don’t have to spend all day using CTRL + F to find information for members.

Read on to find out more about how Sensentia helps call centers break free of the constant CTRL + F cycle.

Sensentia Provides a Single Source of Truth for Contact Centers

When members get in touch with payers, they need answers to questions like, “Am I covered for this?” and “How much will this cost me?” The answers they get from their health plans are often confusing and slow, because the contact center has to search through so many different places to get the right information for the caller.

With Sensentia, CSRs have a single source of knowledge to work from, so there’s no need to endlessly scroll or search through windows to find the answers members need. Accuracy improves and call times decrease as contact center reps can quickly and clearly find answers to inquiries, and communicate that information clearly to members.

Our proprietary AI technology and process pulls the meaning out of complex health insurance documents to reveal the right answer the first time, simply, clearly and with a 99%+ accuracy rate.

Faster Service Means Higher Satisfaction Scores

Hunting through multiple documents to get answers also takes a long time – and when contact center reps are on the phone with clients, we know every second counts.

Members don’t want to spend a lot of time interacting with CSRs or calling back multiple times on the same issue – they just want to get fast, accurate answers the first time they call.

With Sensentia, reps get faster, more accurate answers – which means your call resolution times decrease, your accuracy increases, and you get happier, more engaged members. Research time is reduced with Sensentia by up to two minutes while increasing first call resolution by 24%.

You can also end CTRL + F fatigue for your contact center reps, which lower frustration levels on your team and empowers employees to help more people.

Quick, Easy, Accurate Answers to Benefit Inquiries

You can provide a seamless services experience with complete and comprehensive information, presented in a simple way that ends confusion for CSRs and members.

Get the right answer the first time – and end the constant battle with CTRL + F.

Contact Sensentia to book a demo today, or check out our ROI calculator and find out how we can help increase member engagement and satisfaction.

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