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Transparency in Coverage: Veterans in Transparency

Transparency may be relatively new to the industry with the Transparency in Coverage rule, but our team has been working on transparency since the company’s inception.

Transparency is at the core of our product offering.

What makes our solutions different is the ability to calculate (i.e. results are correct and not estimated based on past member claims) a member’s out-of-pocket cost based on the their specific plan’s coverage and benefits for their services, their up-to-date accumulators (financial and previous utilization) and finally the provider’s negotiated rates for the services.

Our Approach to Transparency is focused on:

  • Personalization: calculating member costs based on each specific plan’s coverage and benefits, with up-to-date accumulators, negotiated rates, and more.

  • Reliability: Members’ out-of-pocket costs are calculated considering ALL the vital factors and consistently bring back near-perfect accuracy. Instead of a mere estimation, members can get precise calculations giving them greater peace of mind.

  • Simplicity: Sensentia’s system is simple and user-friendly, using plain language as well as clinical terms and medical codes.

  • Integrated: Sensentia is cloud-based offering both a Sensentia UL and a REST API that integrates seamlessly with other programs.

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