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Do People Actually Understand Their Coverage? [The Answer May Surprise You]

Do People Actually Understand Their Coverage?

Most Americans are Happy with Their Health Insurance, Though Most Don’t Fully Understand It

More than three-quarters of respondents in a Forbes Advisor Survey couldn’t identify the word coinsurance, and nearly half incorrectly defined copayment and deductible – and that’s just the beginning of their confusion about the U.S. health insurance system.

Seems like a pretty big disconnect, right?

As we begin the new year, with many Americans in brand new health plans, new deductibles, and new questions, transparency in coverage is even more vital. But, if we can instead break down coverage in ways real people can understand, we can start to improve this statistic.

And, that’s our passion.

We believe members should be able to understand their health insurance in ways they can clearly comprehend - without medical jargon, confusing layouts, and answers that only lead to more questions. We believe call agents should be able to quickly provide succinct answers to members’ questions, and that providers can inform patients on coverage basics easily. Additionally, we believe members should be able to access their benefits through self-service and find that same, accurate and complete information without making a call.

When this happens, everyone wins. Members get the care they need with the peace of mind, call centers and insurance plans have happier customers, and providers are able to provide better care.

It just makes sense.

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