Member Service Teams

Sensentia offers a suite of solutions for service teams or member portals that delivers increased performance at reduced costs.

+30% Cost Reduction

Significant savings in handle time reduction for research, and improved representative productivity requires less staffing YoY

99%+ Accuracy

Response to inquiry is precise to the point of legal liability, grounded and tied to member contracts

+24% First Call Resolution

Unprecedented support delivers efficiencies and effectiveness allowing calls to be handled expertly

Your one stop shop for omni-channel solutions

Our solutions can be deployed through multiple mediums to serve your consumers or members, and easily integrate with most major CRM’s.

Increased Member Satisfaction and Employee Productivity for your Contact Center

Our ServiceSense AI-powered benefit engine combines all plan, benefit, coverage, and cost information including support for HCPCS, CPT, and J-Codes in one place with an easy to navigate and query UI.

40%-60% of all calls are benefit related.

Members & Providers want confident and accurate answers immediately with minimal effort and time, and employees want to meet and exceed that expectation.

CSRs can quickly and easily locate accurate and comprehensive answers fostering trust and confidence for members, while removing extensive hold times for research and supervisor escalation when gaining answers. This way we increase representative expertise, productivity, and job satisfaction for employees.

Expanded Detail

If expanded detail is needed to provide a more comprehensive answer, a simple click within the row provides a fully comprehensive answer.

Answers at any depth are provided instantaneously to users, saving valuable handle time and improving overall consumer satisfaction.

Synonym and Intent Logic

Customers and CSR’s are not clinicians or claims experts, and not always familiar with language detailed on a Master Benefit’s List or Evidence of Coverage.

Sensentia’s AI powered Benefit engine supports natural language, synonyms, and intent to assist users with locating the benefit. For example if a representative enters “Sugars”, the system is intelligent enough to bring back all relevant diabetes benefit selections.

This allows user to enter terms as relayed by the member to locate the correct answer expediently saving valuable handle time and increasing CSAT.

Sensentia’s best-in-class AI technology and benefit modeling expertise delivers:

  • Rate of first call resolution
  • Speed to proficiency by 50%+
  • CSAT and Consumer Experience
  • CTM and Grievance rates
  • Representative expertise and confidence
  • Representative productivity
  • Consistency and accuracy of response
  • Average handle time (AHT) by 30%+
  • Hold time for research
  • Supervisor escalations
  • System response time
  • Consumer confusion
  • Attrition Rate, burnout and frustration
  • Complaints

Backed by a Fortune 100 Case Study

An entirely new solution for Conversational Member Self-Service

Harness the power of AI with accuracy and give your members an engaging 24×7 conversational experience while deflecting calls to your service center.

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