Carrier Solutions – AI Empowered
Performance Gains at Reduced Costs

We offer a full suite of solutions for Carriers and TPA’s looking
to improve performance for Sales and Service Teams or comply
with the Transparency in Coverage Rules.

100% Compliant

Our solution is fully compliant with Phase 2 & 3 of the CMS Transparency in Coverage Final Rules

Up to 3x Increased Performance

Our solutions significantly increase performance for Sales and Service Teams looking to meet and exceed KPI’s

+30% Cost Reduction

Our solutions reduce costs for handle time and staffing related to servicing sales leads or service calls

Your one stop shop for omni-channel solutions

Our solutions can be deployed through multiple mediums to serve your consumers or members, and easily integrate with most major CRM’s.
Transparency In Coverage Solution
Our TIC solution fully complies with Phases 2 and 3 of the CMS Transparency in Coverage Final Rules. The solution provides price comparison allowing individuals to receive estimates of their cost-sharing responsibilities for any specific item or service from a specific provider or providers.

Sales Team Solution –AI Enabled Plan Comparison Tool

Our sales tool was designed by sales agents, for sales agents with everything needed to make a sale in one place. Enabled by our AI Benefit Engine the system provides the ultimate level of support throughout the sales process increasing performance at reduced costs.

Service Teams Solutions

Our AI powered benefit engine enables the ultimate in CSR service by compiling all plan, benefit, coverage, and cost information including procedure code support (HCPCS, CPT, J-Code) in one place with an easy to navigate and query UI. Enabling teams to deliver excellent service and increase employee engagement and productivity while reducing costs for handle time and staffing.

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