Sales Teams Solutions

Experience the power of an AI-Fueled Benefit Engine that delivers increased performance and support, while engaging agents and consumers with a best-in-class shopping experience.

Up to 3x Sales Performance

Elevated agent expertise, confidence, speed to proficiency and service, as well as overall consumer satisfaction

-30% Costs

Significant savings in handle time reduction for research, and
improved agent productivity requires less staffing YoY.

99%+ Accuracy

Response to inquiry is precise to the point of legal liability, grounded, and tied to member contracts for auditability.

Your one stop shop for omni-channel solutions

Our solutions can be deployed through multiple mediums to serve your consumers or members, and easily integrate with most major CRM’s.
Let’s retire the traditional sales tools used by agents:
  • Plan Summary Tool – Used to identify all available plans in an area, where the information presented is not deep enough to truly understand plan structure
  • Electronic Summary of Benefits – Lists most common benefits for a singular plan
  • Evidence of Coverage – Agents use CRTL+F to attempt to answer a question not listed on a Summary of Benefits

Agents can experience “research fatigue” when there are multiple plans available, and answers must be researched within an SB or EOC for each plan. This leads to extended handle and hold time, call backs, supervisor escalation, inconsistency, and ultimately lower consumer confidence and sales performance.

Implement our Innovative AI Powered Plan Tool SaleSense where your agents find Everything  In One Place

SalesSense is engineered to provide support throughout the entire sales process with:
  • Immediate simplified comparison across all benefits
  • Plan-type filters to quickly include/exclude information based on qualification
  • Automatic LIS Adjustment on all plans (premium, deductible, copay)
  • Hot Buttons to allow rapid navigation to specific benefits
  • Color Coding – allowing agents to quickly identify the most competitive plans
  • AI powered sections to query plan benefits, and procedure costs with answers supplied for all plans immediately
  • Presentation selection that allows agents to easily provide a compliant presentation and explain challenging areas or disclosures
  • Plan hovers to quickly identify accepted Medicaid levels or chronic conditions for DSNP & CSNP

AI Powered Query

Sensentia’s AI powered query supports common language search, synonym logic and intent to assist agents with locating complex answers and providing answers for all available plans immediately. For example, if 65 plans are available, all 65 responses are provided  and available for comparison immediately.

Expanded Benefit Information

With a click within a cell, full disclosure answers are provided such as limits, conditions, inclusions, exclusions, and notes. This helps support what’s stated in the sales conversation is also supported in the member conversation.

Synonym and Intent Logic

Agents are not clinicians or claims language experts, so the synonym logic supports common language searches. For example “sugars” retrieves all related diabetes benefit selections.

See SalesSense in action!

Harness the power of AI with accuracy and give your prospective members an engaging  experience across all channels with SalesSense!

An entirely new Self-Service Sales Solution 

Provide prospective members with a better shopping experience by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence

Improve Sales Performance

Our SalesSense solution delivers an optimized shopping experience that provides agents and prospective members support through the entire sales process. For sales teams it will deliver increased overall sales as well as improved conversion rates on a “call to sale” or “lead to sale” basis, reduced handle time, complaints, and turnover, while increasing agent productivity requiring less staffing to service the same volume of leads or calls YoY. Customers often use the savings for reduced handle time and reduced required staffing to pay for the solution and maintain budget-parity.

Improve Customer Service

Our ServiceSense solution delivers an optimized consumer experience that provides members or representatives the support they need to receive or provide excellent service. For service teams it will provide increased CSAT, NPS, accuracy and consistency of answer, and first call resolution, and representative productivity, while significantly reducing handle time requiring less staff to service the same volume of calls YoY. Customers often use the savings for reductions in handle time and required staffing to pay for the solution and maintain budget-parity.

Improve Star Ratings or Ratings in General

Our innovative solutions improve the level of service, efficiency, and performance to a large degree for sales and service teams. Customers rarely complain when they are provided excellent service supporting them with informed decision making.

Improve Employee Engagement and Reduce Turnover

Employees often leave a position due to lack of support or disparate processes causing frustration. Our solutions provide support through the entire sales or service process, ensuring answers to even complex questions are at employee’s fingertips. This way we avoid frustration, stress, burnout, and management escalations which increase handle time and lower consumer confidence. Our system empowers employees as experts and frees up management to provide sales or service stylistic coaching rather than answering numerous plan/benefit questions all day.

Remove inconsistencies between Sales and Service


Sensentia’s solutions when deployed across both teams use the same source data to ensure what is spoken about in sales conversations is supported in member conversations

We enjoy debuting our solutions and showing how we can provide value to

 your organization. If you’ve got 30 minutes to spare, book a demo today!