Empower Members to take

Control of their Healthcare.

With Sensentia, your members can truly “benefit from their benefits.”

Increase member engagement

We know you’re looking for rave reviews. We can help you get them.

Right now, you’re struggling to find ways to keep your members happy and healthy, while also managing the limits of your budget.

But imagine if you could empower members to take control of their healthcare and truly “benefit from their benefits.” With the right solutions, you can not only improve benefit understanding and inspire members to take charge of their own health, but also reduce costs associated with customer service.

It is also possible to delight your members by providing a consistently high-quality experience – whether their interactions are digital or on the phone.

SENSENTIA’s Agentsense

Sensentia’s AgentSense is designed to conveniently mimic human behavior as a conversational partner, powering comfortable and highly efficient interactions with plan members.

Leveraging Sensentia’s core AI platform, our Agent connects to a payer’s source of truth to instantaneously provide contextual, automated answers in natural language format on any omni-channel platform supporting any device. The solution easily integrates with CRM platforms to create a seamless and engaging member experience.


Sensentia’s AgentSense uses AI technology to translate intricate data arrays into clear, instantaneous answers, so members get accurate information every step of the way. From shopping, to service, to improving quality of care, with AgentSense members experience confident, comfortable communication and lower frustration, dramatically increasing satisfaction metrics.

Our AI technology doesn’t replace human interaction – it augments the human experience by increasing connectivity and making it easier to find accurate facts fast. And AgentSense is a smart solution for all members. Even seniors find that our user-friendly interfaces and natural language search remove accessibility barriers, so they can access the full range of their Medicare benefits.
The level of detail and the granularity of responses with Sensentia is unparalleled.


Implementing AI software is more cost-effective than hiring more CSRs or implementing a mediocre in-house solution – so your company can save cash while improving member health one interaction at a time.

If rave reviews are your goal, and you want to increase member engagement at every turn, Sensentia is the perfect choice.

The best technical solutions have humans at heart – and we’re here to help you make people’s lives easier, one interaction at a time!