Decrease Confusion and
Improve Health Outcomes for Seniors.

Sensentia helps health plans be the heroes for their Medicare members.

Impeccably Deliver Information
about Medicare Plans.

Healthy, satisfied senior members can be a plan’s superpower for business growth and customer retention – but many seniors don’t understand their Medicare benefits. This lack of coverage explanation leads to frustration and lower senior satisfaction scores – but it also results in poorer health outcomes for older members. With Sensenita’s AI solution, health plans can connect with this hard-to-engage population and achieve powerful results.


We help provide a superior customer service experience with transparent, fast and accurate benefit information.  Imagine if your call center could easily connect seniors to the right resources for their finances and health and provide a superior customer service experience with transparent, fast, accurate information delivered at every step. Your senior members would be fully supported, whether they’re using self-service options, submitting mobile inquiries, or talking with your reps on the phone. 


Sensentia’s AI solution improves coordination of benefits for the nation’s 11 million individuals that are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid – often the highest-need populations in either program. Sensentia supports Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs) and their members by helping them resolve operational challenges for navigating disjointed benefit systems.

Our AI-powered benefits comparison solution visually displays side-by-side benefits for Medicare/Medicaid comparison available for contact centers and member self-service. With this benefits comparison solution, plans can resolve member calls more quickly and accurately, improve their readiness and capacity, and better coordinate and integrate Medicare and Medicaid benefits.  


Sensentia’s AI solutions efficiently guide seniors on their supplemental benefits such as transportation, OTC, dental, vision and more. Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits address the non-clinical social determinants of health for people with acute health needs or chronic illnesses. While supplemental benefit offerings are not necessarily health-related, health insurance plans recognize their importance for lowering costs and driving better health outcomes.


Sensentia helps plans achieve high ratings by closing gaps in care, improving member satisfaction, decreasing disenrollment and reducing administrative costs by providing real-time answers to complex questions.  When senior members’ expectations are met, and CSRs provide the help people need while being courteous and respectful, it naturally leads to better CAPHS scores and Star Ratings. 


With Sensentia’s technology, every interaction with a senior is an opportunity to encourage them to leverage their benefits and take action in improving or maintaining their health status.  By creating a delightful customer experience and proactively addressing senior’s needs and concerns, payers can help close the gap in care with every interaction. Sensentia solutions lead to happier CSRs, higher member retention, and profitable growth for health plans – and most importantly, better health for seniors


Implementing our AI software is more cost-effective than hiring more CSRs or implementing an inferior in-house solution – so your company can save resources while improving member health one interaction at a time.

If rave reviews are your goal, and you want to increase member engagement at every turn, Sensentia is the perfect choice.

The best technical solutions have humans at heart – and we’re here to help you make people’s lives easier, one interaction at a time!