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Every day, you’re trying to make life easier for your members by putting the right information at their fingertips and solving their problems more quickly. You’re looking for ways to increase self-service, so your members often don’t need to call – but if they do pick up the phone after an online search or virtual agent conversation, the experience is integrated and smooth.

At the same time, you’re dedicated to lowering stress, confusion, and overwhelm for your contact center reps and members, so they stay happy, healthy, and more engaged.

We get it. You cope with conflicting priorities every day, and in the meantime, the phones keep ringing.

Exceptional Healthcare Customer Service Starts with AI
Discover how ServiceSense can help.

Are you looking for ways to delight your members, empower your customer service reps, and improve your contact center metrics?

Transform your contact center into a ‘Delight Center

Imagine if your contact center could not only improve members’ experiences, but also reduce the workload of your CS reps by making calls easier and faster to resolve.

Sensentia is a leading-edge AI solution that transforms reams of intricate plan data into meaningful intelligence for members and service reps. Our simple, user-friendly interfaces and natural language search help you expand your self-service offerings, keep incident handling time down, and provide faster, more accurate information for members and service representatives.

Happy reps = happy members.

The best technical solutions have humans at heart – and we’re here to help you make people’s lives easier, one interaction at a time.

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Estimated Current Cost for handling Benefits Related Calls:
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Call Length Benefits
Estimated Future Cost for handling Benefits Related Calls at reduced AHT:
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First Call Resolution Benefits
Estimated future cost for handling benefits calls with increased FCR:
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Estimated Savings:
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Call Volume Reduction from Self Service Benefits
Estimated future cost for handling benefits calls with self-service option:
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Estimated Savings:
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Total Estimated savings:
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