Empowering Human Connection Through AI

Learn more about how Sensentia transforms member engagement by harnessing artificial intelligence technology.

Powerful Analytics. Actionable Insights.

Explore the invaluable insights and metrics Sensentia delivers to our clients every day.

Imagine if you could transform your sales and service operations with leading-edge AI technology that helps you improve all of your key prospect and customer metrics and provide a consistent experience across all channels.

If that’s your dream of the future,
Sensentia can help you get there.

Improve experiences and give contact center reps and members the fast, consistent answers they deserve.

Give your member prospects a
seamless and engaging sales
experience across all channels.

Power human-like interactions
with plan members with a
conversational virtual agent

Our Solution

Delivers near-perfect comprehensiveness and accuracy.

Answer reasoning logic is fully traceable and auditable.

Answers are faithful to a data ‘source of truth’ you control.

Understands and parses unstructured language in text policy documents.

SaaS-based solution that is cost effective and fully supported.

Asks and answers questions in natural language.

CRM agnostic through our robust API integration.

Includes accumulators for accurate information.


Why Sensentia?

Knowledge Access

Our AI technology – deployed via a simple, user-friendly interface – uses natural language search to turn complex data into meaningful information.

Actionable Intelligence

Sensentia returns rapid, actionable responses from complex health plan data with near-perfect comprehensiveness and accuracy.

Member Empowerment

With Sensentia, members become well-informed, experience confident, easy, communication and lower frustration, dramatically increasing satisfaction.

Proactive Health

 Help members truly get ‘benefit from their benefits’ with our AI platform, boosting health, wellness, and vitality.

Exceptional Performance

 Our data scientists are healthcare experts who leverage best-in-class technology to translate complex data into actionable knowledge.

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