Becker’s ASC Review: The major forces deciding the future of healthcare

By Patsy Newitt 

Does the future of healthcare hinge on patients, payers or providers? Eight ASC leaders joined Becker’s to discuss the forces shaping healthcare. 

Editor’s note: These answers were edited lightly for brevity and clarity. 

Question: What major forces are deciding the future of healthcare?

Gabriel Ionescu, MD. Gastroenterologist at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center (New York City): Healthcare will be influenced by the government, especially for a sicker, older population. “Medicare for All” is not going to work because the expectations have been set by all providers and outlets. Private insurers will continue to diversify their business-acquiring practices and other services. Expansion will be good for hospitals. However, they will likely have to spend more on contract work, while private equity will continue private practice consolidation, especially in procedural specialties. Big Pharma will continue to exert pricing power, despite the rise in the discount outlets such as Mark Cuban’s company.