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At Sensentia, we believe the best technical solutions have humans at heart

Our Brand Story

Imagine a world where members can finally take control of their healthcare… where realtime, simple answers to questions are a reality… where one interaction solves the problem, and member happiness is on the rise. 

The best technical solutions have humans at heart. Sensentia uses AI technology to translate complex unstructured healthcare information, as well as structured information into clear, instantaneous answers, so members get accurate, complete information every step of the way. From shopping, to service, to improving quality of care, with Sensentia members experience confidence, comfortable communication and lower frustration, dramatically increasing satisfaction and allowing them to truly ‘benefit from their benefits.’ 

Our leading-edge AI platform returns rich, detailed, comparative responses from complex data with near-perfect accuracy. Simple, user-friendly interfaces and natural language search transform structured and unstructured data into actionable intelligence for users ranging from CS reps, to members, to internal and external stakeholders.

Sensentia is transforming the way payers
engage with their members through:

Healthcare payers can be the hero. Sensentia’s knowledge engineers focus every day on how to help clients delight members, empower reps, provide financial peace of mind, and increase connectivity. 

The end result? Sensentia leads the way by positively impacting member health one interaction at a time.