Sensentia’s Virtual Agent | A Chatbot Solution with Humans at Heart

Imagine a world where members can finally take control of their healthcare…where real-time, simple answers to questions are a reality…where one interaction solves the problem, and member happiness is on the rise. 

And imagine if you could empower consumers to shop for their own “best fit” benefit plan, take control of their healthcare and truly benefit from their benefits.  

With the right solutions, you can not only improve benefit understanding and inspire members to take charge of their own health care, but also reduce costs associated with customer service. With Sensentia, it is possible to delight your members by providing a consistently high quality experience – whether members interact on the phone or digitally.

Sensentia’s Virtual Agent Chatbot Solution 

Sensentia uses AI technology to translate complex structured and unstructured information into clear, instantaneous answers – so members get accurate, complete information every step of the way.

Our chatbot capability – powered by Teneo, a conversational AI technology by Artificial Solutions – helps you provide members with highly personalized, humanlike interactions, in lieu of contact with a live agent. With Sensentia, your chatbot conversations will enhance the human experience for your members by increasing connectivity and making it easier to find answers fast.

Leveraging Sensentia’s AI platform and deep benefit expertise, the chatbot connects to a payer’s source of truth to provide contextual, automated answers in a natural language format. If there is no answer available or the member needs more help, the bot will quickly connect the member to a human agent. All chatbot interactions happen instantaneously on any platform and on any device. 

Sensentia’s Chatbot Features

Chatbot API

Sensentia offers the most powerful, flexible way to integrate custom bot functionality into your digital customer engagement strategy. Health plans can integrate custom chatbots tightly into their CRM platforms to create a seamless, interactive customer service experience, so members find the information they need and feel empowered to take control of their health.. 

Not only will members receive the most accurate info, but the foundational information can be leveraged consistently across your enterprise.

At Sensentia, we believe the best technical solutions have humans at heart

About Sensentia

Sensentia, Inc., is a California-based healthtech company leveraging AI to distill intelligence from complex structured and unstructured data. For healthcare payers, Sensentia provides members with easy, accurate, and immediate access to information, delivering time and cost savings, improving member satisfaction and optimizing benefit utilization, positively impacting health and wellbeing one interaction at a time. To learn more about Sensentia or schedule a platform demo, visit